Steering Committee

Zsuzsanna Deak

Zsuzsanna has over 13 years of marketing experience in the building and land development industry, in both low rise and high rise construction. Coming from Europe, she understands the importance of well-designed public spaces, believes in the increasing influence of cities versus countries and thinks that with the heightened acceptance of high density living within the GTA, there is a tremendous need to provide meaningful programs and educational tools to impact the public and private sectors.  (Member since July 2017)

Hayley Easto

Hayley Easto is a small business owner with a restaurant on the Danforth. She previously worked in communications for the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, where she developed an appreciation for the vital role transportation plays in our communities and our individual lives. She has extensive experience in organizational growth and development, through her involvement with the Green Party of Canada and Ontario, and with Parkdale Project Read.  (Member since July 2017)

Asher Mercer

Asher is a passionate advocate for sustainable mobility with a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen’s. He spent 5 years as TDM Coordinator for York Region, helping the Region pioneer sustainable mobility initiatives, including partnering with the local Public Health unit to implement active transportation measures for all age groups. Asher recently moved into the private sector, starting Urban ID consulting, with a focus on sustainable mobility and place-making. (Member since November 2013)

Clara Romero

Clara is an architect and urban designer with a special interest in understanding the impact of the urban environment on our quality of life. She strongly believes that changing the way we move is the most immediate and effective mechanism to reshape our lives and our cities. As an urban designer, she has a broad range of experience in public space projects and more specifically the redesign of streets, both in Canada and Spain, where she originally comes from. As a cycling advocate, she participated in the coordination of Open Streets TO 2014 and is an organizer of the annual Urban Land Institute Cycling Tour of Toronto. (Member since November 2014)

Michelle Sawka

Michelle is a project manager at Toronto and Region Conservation where she manages the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition. Her past experience includes working for the Canadian Urban Transit Association where she facilitated knowledge and data sharing on integrated urban mobility and coordinated research to support public transit agencies and advance public transit policy at a national scale. She also has a background in urban forestry and climate change adaptation, and holds undergraduate and masters degrees in physical geography and environmental science and management, respectively. (Member since November 2014)

Siva Vijenthira

Siva is a columnist at Spacing Magazine, where she writes about the role of street design in removing barriers and improving access to active transportation for marginalized groups, particularly in Toronto’s outer neighbourhoods. She draws on extensive experience with community organizations such as CultureLink, Cycle Toronto and CivicAction, and she currently works at a national charity focused on diversity and inclusion. (Member since July 2017)

Paul Young

Paul is a landscape architect with over 20 years of experience in street and park design. He leads the consulting firm Public Space Workshop which has conducted consultations, created health and built environment strategies, and led active transportation workshops for municipalities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  He is also a health promoter at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre where many of his projects have an active transportation focus.  (Member since July 2017)