Nancy Smith Lea

Nancy Smith Lea is the Director of the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT). Nancy has decades of experience in research and project management and has been actively involved in working toward improving conditions for active transportation in Toronto since 1993. She has published several articles on barriers and incentives to cycling and has been invited to speak on a regular basis at conferences and other public forums about her active transportation work. In 2010, Nancy was awarded the Toronto Community Foundation’s prestigious Vital People grant for “Putting Active Transportation on the map“.

Mikey Bennington

Mikey Bennington is TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Project Manager: Research Lead. He is an active transportation researcher with a background in psychology. As project manager, he works with community partners to undertake local participatory planning activities that aim to improve local streets and public spaces. In addition to his work at TCAT, he concurrently manages research projects for the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank at the University of Toronto`s School of the Environment. His previous experience with active transportation came from the bicycle retail industry, where he consulted on gender, accessibility and the city-cycling market.

Car Martin

Car Martin is TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Project Manager: Design Lead. Car is a designer with an interest in the production of spaces that reflect diverse voices and has years of experience in managing collaborative and participatory design projects of all scales. She holds both a professional Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto. Car also has a wealth of experience as a social entrepreneur, initiating and managing successful projects, including an award-winning community bike repair centre at the University of Toronto called Bikechain.

Beth Savan

Dr. Beth Savan leads the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank at the University of Toronto and is Research Committee Chair of “Scarborough Cycles: Building Bike Culture Beyond Downtown” with TCAT. She is on the faculty of the School of Environment at the University of Toronto where she was the inaugural Sustainability Director. She has received numerous large research grants on accelerating adoption of cycling for transportation. Beth consults and advises extensively on cycling and other sustainability issues with various clients, is an award-winning teacher and broadcaster, and active on community boards and foundation grants committees.

Trudy Ledsham

Trudy Ledsham is a project manager at Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, a research programme focused on increasing cycling for transportation. She is currently research manager on the Scarborough Cycles project with TCAT and is working on a PhD in Planning at the University of Toronto. She worked with TCAT as the project manager for their active transportation community based social marketing project with the Region of Peel. Trudy has degrees in Environmental Studies (HBA) and History (MA) from the University of Toronto. She sees cycling as a keystone of sustainable urban living.