Toronto City Council Pedestrian Improvement Decisions

While the bikeway decisions were a mixed bag, at its July 13 2011 meeting, City Council approved two important decisions to improve pedestrian safety.

1. The installation of traffic control signals at the intersection of Dufferin Street and Gordon Street. This is currently a pedestrian crossing for a school (K to 6), and a young student was recently hit and injured there. The "technical" justifications for a new traffic light were not met in that there were not enough pedestrian volumes to warrant a traffic light. However, it did meet the distance criteria (far enough away from other lights). With a petition signed by 131 local residents, Council voted in favour of the new light.

2. The installation of a pedestrian traffic signal at the intersection of Queens Park Crescent East at St. Joseph Street. This one did meet the technical justifications concerning pedestrian volumes and wait times. It did not, however, meet the distance criteria (it is close to both the Wellesley lights to the south and the lights at Victoria University to the north.) The new light was championed by the Graduate Students' Union (GSU) and endorsed by many organizations on and around the University of Toronto campus.


Posted On: July 26, 2011