Complete Streets Game


In 2013, TCAT Steering Committee member Chris Hardwicke developed the Complete Streets Game, a capacity-building workshop resource that enables workshop participants to play with re-arranging and rebuilding their neighbourhood in an effort to help them visualize what the opportunities and options can be.

The game is a fun, interactive exercise that helps community groups to design and understand the size and scale of different modes of transportation. This exercise is particularly important for community stakeholders because they are likely to be more set in seeing what their community is rather than what it can be and the Complete Streets Game will provide them with a fun and easy way to visualize the opportunities available.

Using a kit-of-parts TCAT designs solutions for converting incomplete streets to complete streets in a group workshop format. The kit-of-parts is a set of graphic blocks that represent different components of streets (bike lanes, sidewalks, bus lanes, trees, furniture etc.). Each block is a slice of a street cross section that is drawn to scale. Participants design their ideal street cross section by arranging the blocks.

The Complete Streets Game equalizes public space and allows everyone to have a chance to design a street without having to measure or draw. In just one year, by word of mouth, TCAT provided the Complete Streets Game across Canada to non-profit groups, business improvement associations, and public health and planning staff in eleven municipalities.

Download: Complete Streets Game Info Package