Canadian Active Transportation Guide

Last week, Nancy Smith Lea had the privilege of attending the excellent Walk21 conference in Vancouver and presented TCAT's Active Transportation Benchmarking in Canada study. This trip was generously funded by the Toronto Community Foundation.

A Transportation Tale of Three Cities

An article written by TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea is included in the current issue of Harvey Kalles Collections Magazine.

Paul Hess Receives TCAT Award

Last night at the City of Toronto's Bicycle Friendly Business awards, Nancy Smith Lea was pleased to present TCAT's third annual Active Transportation Champion award to Professor Paul Hess.

TCAT Creates Complete Streets Walk

A self-guided walk developed by TCAT's Neluka Leanage and Nancy Smith Lea has recently been selected to be included in the City of Toronto Self-Guided Walking Tour Database. A self-guided walking tour is a walking tour without a guide, a fee, or a set date or time. It is an opportunity for an individual or group of friends to explore the city at their own pace while learning about their surroundings.

Balancing Traffic Congestion and Safety

On September 7, 2011 Toronto's Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) adopted, with amendments, two items relating to cyclist and pedestrian safety.

Thinking "Narrow" for Street Design

The Institute of Transportation of Engineers (ITE) and the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) have together produced a design manual for engineers, city planners, public works departments, and other community members.

TCAT Releases Complete Streets Forum 2011 Summary Report

On April 28, 2011, TCAT organized its fourth annual active transportation policy conference, called the Complete Streets Forum, at the University of Toronto Hart House.

Toronto Commuting Times the Longest of any Canadian City

On August 24th, Statistics Canada released a new report titled Commuting to Work: Results of the 2010 General Social Survey. The report determined that Toronto is the most gridlocked and congested city in Canada. Overall average commuting time was 31 minutes in Montreal, 30 minutes in Vancouver, and Toronto came last at 33 minutes. 

Safety Risks and Benefits of Active Transportation

More and more people are turning to bicycling as a mode of transportation and as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent study by the London School of Economics, featured in Bike Biz, the bicycle industry is booming. However, along with this transition are growing concerns over the safety of cyclists.

Connecting Trails, Communities and the Brickworks in the Lower Don

On June 28, 2011 Paul Young faciliated a workshop to explore how to improve links between the Don Trail and surrounding communities.

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