Making the Links Between Health and Active Transportation

In the current issue of the Landscape Architect Quarterly “Ground”, an article written by landscape architect and health promoter Paul Young describes some of the work underway between health professionals and planners to promote active transportation infrastructure through participatory processes, including the work of TCAT.

"Health promoters and designers rely on organizations like TCAT to understand precedents so that we don’t “just do” the wrong thing."

New Toronto Walkability Report Released

The fourth in a series of eight excellent Toronto walkability reports was released this week - this most recent one featuring St James Town. This series seeks to understand and improve the walking environments in the high-rise apartment neighbourhoods in the inner suburbs of Toronto, with a particular focus on the priority sites identified in the Mayor's Tower Renewal program.

Mapping out Walking and Cycling in Toronto

The Toronto Star has updated its commuting maps and they're worth a look. It's now possible to get quite a fine-grained look at the incredible variations in cycling and walking across Toronto.

Two New Studies: The Value of Walkable Neighborhoods

This week the Victoria Transport Policy Institute released a report that shows that the market for small-lot, attached housing in accessible, multi-modal communities is strong and all indications point to it maintaining its value. The report titled "Where We Want To Be: Home Location Preferences And Their Implications For Smart Growth" can be downloaded here.

New TCAT Resource: Bike Lanes Brochure

TCAT has created a new brochure titled "Bike Lanes - Good for Business and for Taxpayers." The purpose of this brochure is to provide the general public with access to some of the most recent research in an easy-to-read short format. Key findings from Clean Air Partnership's research report titled Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business are highlighted.

Research Finds Urbanites Healthier than Suburbanites Worldwide

According to a June 16th SDSU NewsCenter article, "No matter which country you are in, new research finds those who live in an urban neighborhood are twice as likely to be physically active the those in the suburbs. According to a San Diego State University study published in this month's American Journal of Preventative Medicine, the biggest single factor influencing physical activity around the world is accessibility to sidewalks.

Ministry of Transportation Requests Electric Bicycle Input: Jul 9

New Resource: Law Journal Article Tackles Sustainable Urban Transportation

Canada's Journal of Environmental Law and Practice recently published an article by Kristen Courtney titled "Sustainable Urban Transportation and Ontario's New Planning Regime: The Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 and the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe."

Sep 2: Provide input into Simcoe's strategic vision

On June 4th, the Ontario Government released Simcoe Area: A Strategic Vision for Growth. It lays out a strategy and directions to plan for more prosperous and sustainable growth in the Simcoe area. Based on provincial principles and policies, including the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006 and the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

TCAT and IBI Group Release Report

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