Scarborough Cycles: building bike culture beyond downtown.


Funded by the Metcalf Foundation Cycle City program, TCAT in partnership with CultureLink Settlement and Community Services, the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, and Cycle Toronto, has launched an innovative project called Scarborough Cycles: building bike culture beyond downtown.

In June 2016, Scarborough Cycles will establish Bike Hubs in two communities in Scarborough.

The first bike hub will be located at Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre, located at Birchmount Community Centre, a vital community meeting place that for over 25 years has offered a range of all-ages programming to Scarborough residents.

The second hub will be at AccessPoint on Danforth, part of Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, which has been helping Toronto’s diverse communities achieve health with dignity for the past 25 years.

Our Bike Hubs will offer access to bicycles, tools, repair clinics, and provide civic engagement opportunities for residents.

The project goals include:

  1. Create and disseminate new knowledge about cycling in the suburbs.
  2. Build capacity among local agencies and individuals to support cycling.
  3. Address barriers to cycling.
  4. Engage with residents and stakeholders about the benefits of improved cycling infrastructure.


To learn more about Scarborough Cycles and how you or your organization can get involved, please contact:

Marvin Macaraig, Ph.D.
Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator
Phone: 416 392 0260
Twitter: @ScarbCycles