#BuildTheVisionTO: Safe and Active Streets For All

On June 19, 2018, the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), in partnership with 8 80 Cities, Cycle Toronto, Friends and Families for Safe Streets, and Walk Toronto, launched #BuildTheVisionTO: Safe and Active Streets for All, a set of 15 municipal election priorities for building streets where people of all ages and abilities can get around actively, sustainably and safely.

A survey is being distributed to all of Toronto’s mayoral and city council candidates to gauge their support for the 15 priority actions within seven themes. These priorities will improve road safety, increase physical activity, and build safe and active streets for all ages and abilities. Candidate responses will be published on this website a month ahead of the municipal election on October 22, 2018.

Read more below about each of the priorities and the evidence behind why we believe these concrete actions will make a difference in Toronto. Or download the one-pager or the complete report:  #BuildTheVisionTO: Safe and Active Streets for All

Moving at Human Speed

A residential street with 30km/hr speed limit

1. Implement a city-wide default speed limit of 30km/h on all residential streets and 40km/hr on all arterial and collector roads.

Children using a crosswalk on the way to school with the help of adults

3. Implement traffic calming in all elementary school zones by 2022. 

A picture of an intersection in a residential area with curb extensions and stop signs

2. Streamline the traffic calming process in Toronto. 

Sidewalks for Everyone

Two children walking on a street with no sidewalks on a snowy day

4. Build sidewalks on every street being reconstructed. 


A man in a wheelchair on a crowded sidewalk

5. Ensure sidewalks have a minimum 2.1 metre pedestrian clearway on all arterial and collector roads. 


Build the Grid: A Vibrant Cycling City for All

A woman biking in a protected bike lane with planters

6. Build protected bike lanes on main streets, including the major corridors in the Cycling Network Plan. 


A map of Toronto's Cycling Network Plan

8. Accelerate the Cycling Network Plan to be built in the next four years. 

A picture of two boys on bikes entering a protected bike lane in a residential area

7. Build safe, connected routes in every ward. 


Crossing With Confidence

A man using a crosswalk blocked by cars at Yonge and Dundas

9. Increase the use of automated traffic enforcement safety cameras. 

Toronto Transit stop on Steeles Ave with no safe place to cross

11.  Implement controlled crossings at all bus and streetcar stops. 

Senior with walker crossing the street in a crosswalk

10. Prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users by outlawing motor vehicle right turns on red. 


Complete Streets the Default

Street with a streetcar in the background, people biking on bike lanes, and people walking on sidewalks

12. Create an implementation strategy for Toronto’s Complete Streets Guidelines. 

A rendering of Yonge St with wider, landscaped sidewalks, bike lanes, and a reduced number of car lanes


13.  Support the Transform Yonge option for Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch Avenues.


Zero Traffic Deaths


A picture of a vigil with people holding candles


14. Match New York City’s per-capita funding for Toronto’s Road Safety Plan.


Streets For People


Boy and his father playing on a vibrant street


15. Support and fund a monthly Open Streets Toronto program from May to September in 2019 and beyond. 


TCAT has surveyed candidates on active transportation issues for every municipal election since its founding in 2006.  Read more about our past election surveys.


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