Bloor Street West Bike Lane Pilot Economic Impact Study

The goal of this research study was to understand the economic impacts of the City of Toronto’s Bloor Street West pilot bicycle lanes, including the attitudes of merchants and visitors to Bloor Street.

The study was originally commissioned by the Bloor Annex BIA, the Korea Town BIA, and the Metcalf Foundation in October 2015, anticipating that a pilot bike lane would be installed on Bloor Street the following summer.

In 2016 Toronto City Council approved the pilot bike lane and directed staff to measure a host of impacts. The City of Toronto commissioned TCAT to provide assistance on the bike lane pilot evaluation. To increase confidence in the study results, the City funded an additional data collection period (in spring 2017), over and above the two originally funded by the BIAs and Metcalf, as well as the collection of new data and analysis about vacancies.

The study was led by TCAT in partnership with the University of Toronto. The University was responsible for research design, data collection and analysis. For TCAT, this is a third in a series of research studies that looks at the potential impacts of removing on-street parking to install a bike lane.

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