Active Neighbourhoods: 2017-2020

Over the next three years, our vision is to promote active transportation amongst vulnerable populations, based on intersectoral networks of communities and leaders who advance policy and practice. We are working to build health equity through scaling up the ANC participatory planning approach piloted across Canada from 2013-2017.

In the long term, we aim for 3 types of changes:

  • Individual behaviour, through changes to the built environment;
  • Political and societal, through the development and implementation of policies related to participatory planning and health inequities;
  • Professional, by setting up a Pan-Canadian Action Platform on participatory planning, healthy built environments and health equity.

We hope to achieve these changes by working on two levels:

  • Community level: Between 2017-2020 ANC partners will work in 3 project sites: one in Ontario, one in Quebec, and one in Alberta. We will share knowledge on the ANC approach, provide strategic support, and showcase models for participatory planning interventions in the field. Building on the successes of the Stewart Street Active Neighbourhoods pilot, we are working with GreenUP’s NeighbourPLAN program in Peterborough¬†to apply the ANC participatory planning approach in three additional Peterborough neighbourhoods.
  • Provincial and national level: ANC will conduct activities aimed at disseminating, educating, influencing, and carry-out research on the scaling of the ANC approach, including working towards strategic changes in policy and practice.


Project Partners:

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