International Experts “Building Alliances” to Complete Toronto’s Streets

Days before the launch of Toronto’s BIXI Bicycle Share system and hot on the heels of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities recognizing City of Toronto’s Walking Strategy with an award for excellence, leadership and innovation in the transportation category, over 200 transportation experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from governments, businesses, and non‐profits from across the region and around the world will meet at the University of Toronto to discuss how to make Toronto’s streets safer and more inviting for people of all ages, abilities, and choice of transportation.

Transportation is more than just a hot conversation topic these days. It is an urgent issue that impacts the prosperity, health, and livability of the entire Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The challenges facing us are multifaceted, transcend municipal boundaries, and affect all of us, regardless of how we choose to get around – by car, bike, transit, or our own two feet.

“In a city as diverse as Toronto, our streets are used by children, seniors, families, and people with disabilities. More often than not, people get around by some combination of transit, walking, driving or biking. Complete Streets is a new vision for safer, healthier, and better transportation choices for everyone.” ‐ Nancy Smith Lea, Director, Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation.

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Posted On: April 27, 2011