Seeking Examples of Complete Streets in Your Community: Dec 10

Please support TCAT's effort to centralize the Complete Streets movement in Ontario and Canada by providing the following information to Ryan Whitney, Complete Streets Researcher and Project Manager at TCAT by Dec 10th. Email: – Tel: (416) 392-0260.

1) Any leads on Complete Streets policies, or Complete Streets-like language, in your community's Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Cycling Master Plan, Urban Design Guidelines etc. Or, more generally, any preliminary plans and/or community campaigns that have been occurring in your community around Complete Streets.

2) Before and After photos of streets in your community that have been designed, or redesigned, using a 'Complete Streets' lens. This does not necessarily mean that the change was achieved under a Complete Streets policy, but rather that the change reflects a Complete Streets perspective (i.e., considers the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers of all ages and abilities).

3) Contact information for any planners, engineers, or advocates in your community who would be willing to speak further about barriers and opportunities for the implementation of Complete Streets.

Background: TCAT will complete two outcomes between now and October 2012 to centralize Complete Streets in Canada. The first outcome will be the completion of a gap analysis report designed to better understand the current context of Complete Streets in Ontario (draft due mid-January, 2012). The second outcome will be an online resource designed as a 'go to' for community members that are looking for more information on Complete Streets (due April, 2012).

Posted On: November 22, 2011