Environmental Commissioner Debates Road Tolls – VOTE

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Gord Miller takes on journalist David Menzies in The Mark. In an online debate, “Should Canada Charge Road Tolls?” readers can vote for the person she or he believes won the debate.

Miller argues, “But, it’s not about road tolls generating a cash grab . . . it’s about reducing unsustainable gridlock. You don’t have to be an anti-car crusader to care about these issues.”

Read the whole article and cast your vote!

This isn’t the first time the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario weighed in on the debate. In 2009, the ECO released its second Annual Greenhouse Gas Progress Report 2008/2009: Finding a Vision for Change. The report stated, “However, the ECO believes that any serious attempt to reduce tailpipe emissions must consider the potentially significant role of road pricing in this effort.”

This year’s annual GHG progress report featured an entire section on road pricing: “Transportation and the role of road pricing”.

Posted On: November 9, 2010