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Other solutions that narrow the width of the road may also act to slow traffic. Some, such as bike lanes, can be placed on arterial roadways. Potential interventions include:

Example of a bike laneExample of sidewalk
1. Bike lanes 2. Sidewalk
A designated space on the road for use by
people on bicycles. It can be separated from
motor vehicle traffic with paint, posts, or other
A sidewalk provides dedicated space for
pedestrians to separate them from motor
vehicle traffic. Many local streets in Toronto
do not have sidewalks.
ContraflowExample of a Parklet
3. Contra-flow bike lanes 4. Parklets
A bike lane added to a one-way street to
allow cyclists to travel in the opposite direction to motor-vehicle traffic, creating a two-way route for cyclists.
Parking or travel lanes can be turned into
miniature parks using planters, street
furniture, or other materials.


Getting a Sidewalk

Some streets near schools may not have sidewalks. You can request a new sidewalk in a school zone by emailing Staff will evaluate the request for a sidewalk by considering safety issues, traffic volume, proximity to schools, and connectivity. They will also consider landscaping, drainage, and utilities to determine whether a new sidewalk will be built.

Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools