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News for Ward 27

Fancy Folding Bike Demonstration & Ride - December 11th

As posted in the November Cyclometer, the next Folding Bike demonstration and ride event will be held just in time for the holidays!

Why: To demonstrate folding bikes, promote cycling, and have a fun ride around the financial district.

When: Tuesday, December 11 @ 11:45am-12:45pm

Where: Toronto-Dominion Centre (south-west corner of King at Bay)

Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvement EA - Let the City know you want bike lanes

As reported in last week's TCAT News e-Bulletin, the City is embarking on an environmental assessment to improve the streetscape along Jarvis Street, beginning with a public meeting last Wednesday evening.

News from some TCAT supporters who attended the event reported that the vision does not currently include a bike lane. This came in from one TCAT supporter who asked that we share this message.

Bloor-Yorkville Transformation - Plans go to East York Community Council without bike lanes?

While the plan has not yet been released, it is expected that it will include wider pedestrian promenades, but not bike lanes.

Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvement EA - TCAT clarification

Jarvis Streetscape Improvement - Bike lane update

Following a large volume of communication from the cycling community to the City's consultation team working on the Jarvis Streetscape Improvement Environmental Assessment,
the City has responded. It appears that the City has taken a position
whereby pedestrian and cyclist needs cannot be fully met - a compromise
is needed. The following is an update from the City's public
consultation coordinator working on the project.

Jarvis Streetscape Walk - May 10

As reported previously in TCAT News, some debate has been going on over consultations for designs of an improved Jarvis Street.

The City is continuing on with consultations among the community, and the next event is a walk this Saturday May 10th.

From the public notice:

Join Councillor Kyle Rae, City Staff and the Consultant Team on a walk along Jarvis Street to give people the opportunity to:

Bloor Street Transformation Information Night - Tonight, July 8

For those following the plans to redesign the stretch of Bloor Street
between Church Street and Avenue Road, there is an information meeting
tonight. However, it's not clear if this is a public event. But for a
project taking place on public streets, it probably should be. If you
do try and go, make sure to ask why there are no bike lanes planned for
this renewed grand avenue.

Date: Tuesday, July 8

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Bloor Street Redesign Challenge - Community groups call for Environmental Assessment

Last week, representatives from Bells on Bloor and Take the Tooker
filed a formal demand with Ontario's Environment Commissioner for a
review of the City's decision not to conduct an Environmental
Assessment for the reconstruction of Bloor Street between Avenue Road
and Church Street. This project will remove parking, widen sidewalks,
and plant trees - yet no bike lane will be installed.

New Allies Join Bloor Street Transformation Debate

Though the goals may not be exactly in line, Bells on Bloor and Take the Tooker
now have some allies in their quest to force a full Environmental
Assessment process for the Bloor transformation project. As reported in
TCAT News, a formal
demand has been filed with Ontario's Environment Commissioner for a
review of the City's decision not to conduct an Environmental
Assessment for the reconstruction of Bloor Street between Avenue Road

Bloor Transformation - Court case update

Last Thursday in Ontario Divisional Court, cyclists joined a very
powerful contingent of litigants trying to reverse a City decision made
almost a decade ago. In the submission by a group of Bloor Street
merchants, aptly named Concerned About Bloor,
they argued that the City mis-classified the Bloor Transformation
process as a Schedule A roads project, thus negating the need for a
full environmental assessment. The Safe Cycling Coalition acted as intervener in the case, and also had the opportunity to support the argument made by Concerned About Bloor.

Bloor Street Transformation Project - Court dismisses law suit challenge

Disappointing news last week for the Safe Cycling Coalition
and other cyclists hoping for a second chance to convince the City to
plan for full bike lanes on the transformed Bloor Street between Avenue
Road and Church Street.

As reported in TCAT News,
the group representing cyclists joined a group of Merchants led by
William Ashley China who petitioned the courts to reverse the City's
classification of the reconstruction project, which did not require a
full environmental assessment study and public consultation.

Google Pays Employees To Ride Their Bikes!

Google's first
official Canadian headquarters opened last week overlooking Dundas
Square. Google has implemented green initiatives to encourage their
employees to use public transportation or their own green solution to
get to work by offering a monthly subsidy. For those willing to take a
bicycle to work, the company offers other extras as well.

Jarvis Streetscape Improvement Public Meeting: Jan 22

As reported previously in TCAT News,
the City is proposing changes to Jarvis Street, which includes widened
sidewalks but no bike lane. Cyclists need to continue to make their
voices heard that a complete street allocates sufficient space for all users to access the public right-of-way safely.

A second Public Information Centre for the Jarvis Streetscape Improvement project will be:

Jarvis Streetscape Improvement project -- TCAT weighs in

As reported previously in TCAT news,
the City recently held a public meeting to present their plans for
improvements to Jarvis Street. TCAT was represented at the meeting and

Last chance for input into bike lanes on Jarvis: May 5

Transportation Services just announced that it has completed the Jarvis Streetscape Improvement EA Environmental Study Report. Apparently not swayed by the significant public input it received, the recommended design up for approval has no bike lanes.

Community Council approves "car-free" condo building

On Sep 16, 2009 the Toronto-East York community council approved a plan to build a 42-storey condo building at Dundas and University without permanent parking spots. In an area where groceries and entertainment are just steps away, the plan makes good sense and is reflected in sales.

Bicycles and Urban Well-Being, TCAT at St. Michael's Hospital - Oct 1

Nancy Smith Lea, TCAT Program Director, has been selected to speak in a session titled "Bicycles and Urban Well-Being", at St. Michael's Hospital Clinical and Population Research Rounds.

Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Location: St. Michael's Hospital, Paul and Evelyn Higgins Conference Room, 2nd Floor- Room 2010, Bond Wing.

Transport Futures 2009 - Road Pricing & Public Acceptance Workshops, Early Bird Registration Deadline - Oct 31

On November 12th and 13th, Healthy Transport Consulting and the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario is hosting its second annual road pricing conference. Two interactive workshops will focus on the public's perception of road pricing and how diverse stakeholders can discuss this complex issue in a meaningful way. Workshop details and registration here.

Jarvis Street Bike Lanes get Green Light

Completion of Jarvis Bike Lanes Scheduled for this Week

Bike lanes are being added to Jarvis Street this week, between Charles Street and Queen Street East. To include bike lanes on both sides of the street, the centre reversible lane was removed last week.

City Council approved the installation of two bike lanes on Jarvis Street in May 2009 after considerable debate between providing cycling or pedestrian infrastructure. TCAT's position on Jarvis can be found here.