Ticketing blitz seeks rapport between cyclists, drivers: Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail interviewed Mia Birk, keynote speaker at TCAT’s Complete Streets Forum 2011:

As the ticketing began on Friday, cycling advocates from across Canada and the world met at a downtown cafe to talk about strategies for promoting cycling to municipal politicians. It was part of the Complete Streets Forum, a conference organized by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation. The group’s website says the goal of the conference was to “embrace and protect cyclists and pedestrians while accommodating all road users, including transit and cars.”

“The most important issue is creating excellent bikeways and encouraging people to bike, to get out there and do it, enjoy it, take it seriously and smile while you’re doing it,” said Mia Birk, a speaker at the conference, and president of Alta Planning and Design, a Portland, Ore.-based firm that works with cities across North America to promote biking, walking and mass transit.

“That’s far more important than focusing on enforcement,” she added.

She said less attention should be paid to the negative aspects of cycling like ticketing for violations and more on the positives, such as the city-wide bike-sharing program that launches next week. The program starts May 3 and will put 1,000 bikes at the disposal of Torontonians.

“Having all these bikes is going to be a big moment for Toronto,” she said.

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Posted On: April 29, 2011