NRU: Overcoming Challenges

The April 5, 2017 Novae Res Urbis GTHA Edition contains an in-depth article on TCAT’s new book: Active Transportation Beyond the Greenbelt, based on NRU’s Andrew Cohrs’ interview with TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea. The interview covered a range of topics, from the motivation for TCAT to undertake the work, to the challenges for active transportation planning faced in the 13 municipalities that are featured in the book. Many of the barriers that rural and smaller municipalities face are similar to those in larger urban contexts, while others are unique, such as jurisdictional control over the roadway.

“The rural areas typically have a provincial highway running right through the middle of town and that is challenging both in terms of the amount and speed of motor vehicle traffic and the impacts that has on the people who are walking and cycling… So, it’s the province who decides what that highway looks like and what kind of uses are allowed on it and so that’s definitely a major challenge for smaller municipalities.”

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Posted On: April 20, 2017