Metro: After 40 years, is Toronto ready for bike lanes on Bloor Street?

“A growing chorus of planners, transit experts, cyclists and business owners in Toronto are dinging their bells in unison to demand bike lanes on Bloor Street.

On Monday, the city’s public works and infrastructure committee will debate whether to install separated cycle tracks on Bloor between Shaw Street and Avenue Road as part of a one-year, $595,000 pilot project.

The plan goes to council May 2, and committee support could ensure it becomes a reality.

“It all just makes sense, but the most important reason is safety,” said Nancy Smith Lea, director of the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation.

More than 3,000 cyclists pedal along the busy Bloor Street stretch daily, “but the current situation is just not safe enough,” Smith Lea said, noting high rates of doorings and other collisions.”

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Posted On: April 25, 2016