Small Step Forward for Pedestrian Safety on Victoria Park Avenue

On Mar 3, 2014 TCAT made a submission to the City of Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee in response to an issue raised by the public that an intersection on Victoria Park Avenue, a busy suburban arterial street, is unsafe for pedestrians and that a traffic signal is needed. In response, the staff report recommended against the installation of a traffic signal and for the removal of the pedestrian refuge island and both transit stops on either side of the road.

TCAT requested the committee to retain the transit stops and to approve a semi-actuated traffic signal to improve pedestrian safety and convenience. A traffic signal in this location would provide a safe route to schools, improve pedestrian access to transit stops, and have little impact on traffic flow, as it would only be activated when pedestrians or vehicles are present.

On March 4, 2014 the Committee agreed to reject the staff recommendations and approved the installation of a traffic light at this location. A small, but important, step forward for pedestrian safety in Scarborough!

Read more on this in TCAT’s deputation to the committee.

Posted On: March 16, 2014