Urban Trail Upgrades; City of Guelph, ON

The Guelph Cycling Master Plan was developed in 2012 with the goal of shifting mode share towards cycling and away from driving. However, as the infrastructure was built (nearly 50% complete), planners found they were not getting the ridership they were expecting. Surveys of residents showed a large “interested but concerned” faction that would not commute by bike unless it was on protected, off-road trails.

Some upgrades have already occurred, using information from the draft policy. These upgrades allow safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists through peaceful environments separated from automobile traffic. Winter maintenance will also be streamlined, as the GATNS policy will identify opportunities to review coordination between public right-of-way and trails networks in order to improve the effectiveness of the overall network. Design guidelines have been developed to address unique features and environments such as wetlands, parklands and boulevards.