TCAT’s Response to Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper

On March 27, 2014 TCAT made a joint response with the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, Cycle Toronto, Dr. Paul Hess (University of Toronto) and Dr. Raktim Mitra (Ryerson University) regarding Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy Discussion Paper.

The submission focused on the transportation and land use components of the discussion paper, providing 21 priority actions in five areas:

  1. provincial policy and regulations
  2. regional planning
  3. community based activities
  4. research and evaluation
  5. cultural change

The submission also included the following statement:
Our Vision for Sustainable Mobility involves enabling everyone to get everywhere with low emissions and a high quality of life. Sustainable mobility is predicated on active transportation as the first option, with other more consumptive options available to permit those unable to reach destinations by AT to get anywhere they need to. Integration between public transit and AT, particularly in lower density urban areas, is fundamental to supporting multi-modal transport over long trip distances. Sustainable mobility involves adopting the Vision Zero approach to road safety in which no loss of life is acceptable.

Read the full submission here.



Posted On: March 27, 2015