TCAT, Cycle Toronto & Walk Toronto respond to Pedestrian and Cycling Safety report

On June 26, 2015, Nancy Smith Lea (TCAT), Jared Kolb (Cycle Toronto) and Dylan Reid (Walk Toronto) submitted a joint response to the Toronto Board of Health to provide a strong endorsement of all of the recommendations made by the Medical Officer of Health in response to Toronto Public Health’s June 2015 report titled Pedestrian and Cycling Safety in Toronto. These recommendations include: 1) Identifying effective ways to reduce speeds and improve safety on arterial roads, 2) Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act to permit municipalities to adopt lower default speed limits, and 3) Increased road safety education for public safety transit operators.

TCAT, Cycle Toronto and Walk Toronto also made the following additional recommendations:

  1. For a commitment of an annual capital budget of at least $20 million to implement a “minimum grid” of cycling infrastructure by 2018.
  2. To adopt a strong Vision Zero policy of zero road fatalities in Toronto.
  3. To identify pedestrian and cyclist collision hotspots and implement pilot projects at 10 of these hotspots to improve the design or operation of intersections.
  4. To expand pedestrian and cycling safety initiatives in schools.
  5. To increase pedestrian and cycling safety learning within provincial education curriculum.
  6. To develop a Vulnerable Road User law to increase penalties for motor vehicle drivers who are involved in a collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or mobility device user.

Read the full submission here.

Posted On: June 26, 2015