Safer Streets Header Improve an Existing Crossing

Example of a Simple Crosswalk

There may be an existing intersection or pedestrian crossing that your community has safety concerns about.  Rather than installing a new crossing or traffic control device, existing crosswalks or intersections can be  improved.

At pedestrian crossing locations:

Example of a Signalized Crossing

At existing signalized intersections:

At intersections and crossings:

If existing infrastructure is wearing out, such as faded pavement markings or broken light fixtures, a simple call to 311 or to your Ward Councillor should resolve the problem.
The process is different depending on how you want to improve an existing pedestrian crossing.  Contacting your Ward Councillor will  be important to successfully  implement these kinds of changes,  many of which require a study by  Transportation Services.  See our Getting Started page for tips on connecting with your Councillor.

Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools