Vision Zero Opportunity Missed with Toronto’s Proposed Road Safety Plan

This week Toronto’s Traffic Safety Unit released its new plan to improve road safety, with an emphasis on vulnerable road users.

The proposed plan has been roundly criticized by advocates and family members of people who have been killed in traffic, and prompted a week-long Deadly Streets series in Metro News (#TODeadlyStreets). Instead of absolute elimination of road fatalities, the plan has a very modest target to aim to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries by only 20% over ten years. Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will vote on the plan at its meeting on June 20th,

There is a movement in other cities around the world to embrace Vision Zero as an ethical imperative and recognize that this requires a transportation paradigm shift. Edmonton is the first Canadian city to officially adopt Vision Zero. In Sweden, where Vision Zero originated, the revolutionary change has resulted in a dramatic decrease in that country’s traffic injuries and fatalities. A webinar about how Canadian cities can adopt Vision Zero has been scheduled for June 22 @ 1 pm. Register here.

Posted On: June 16, 2016