Transportation is Key in Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy Discussion Paper

Last month, the Government of Ontario released a Climate Change Strategy Discussion Paper and invited the public to contribute their ideas. The discussion paper, with input from citizens, community organizations, businesses, and stakeholders will inform a comprehensive climate change strategy and action plan for the Province.

One of the questions prompts for input on the reduction of transportation emissions throughout the region:

Transportation emissions have grown at a rate faster than any other class of emissions largely because of population growth and urban expansion. What role could the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and other planning mechanisms play, in combination with other government initiatives such as electrified Regional Express Rail, in stabilizing the growth in transportation and building emissions?

The transportation sector contributes the largest share of Ontario’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, and there are many ways for active transportation infrastructure to help reduce these emissions while creating healthy, resilient, and thriving communities. TCAT has recently addressed several of these opportunities through our recent work:

The full discussion paper can be read online. You can provide your comments, including responses to the discussion questions included at the end of the paper, before March 29.

Read TCAT’s response here.

Posted On: March 19, 2015