Toronto City Council Approves Doubling Budget to 16M for New Bike Plan

Earlier this month, City Council approved an amended Cycling Network Plan for Toronto. The plan will double the length of Toronto’s cycling network over ten years, with an increase in capital funding for the construction of new cycling infrastructure. The approved plan also includes a study of bike lanes on Danforth; one of the corridors that had been previously removed from study.

Approval of the plan follows recent support for cycling among Torontonians. On May 12, 2016 an Angus Reid Forum poll was released that shows that 86% of Torontonians support a safe cycling network, with 67% of Torontonians wanting the network built in less than 9 years. The poll, commissioned by Evergreen in partnership with Cycle Toronto, TCAT, and the Metcalf Foundation, shows that Torontonians from across the city strongly support a safe cycling network and want it built as soon as possible.

Posted On: June 16, 2016