TCAT Research Wins International Award

TCAT Project Manager Mikey Bennington has tied for second highest scoring practitioner for his abstract submitted for presentation at the International Conference on Transport and Health in Barcelona in June.

The abstract describes his work with TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Canada project, which adopts a participatory process to help communities identify local strengths, weaknesses and future desires for streets and public spaces. Each project results in a community-driven plan for increasing active transportation and community vibrancy by making changes in the public realm.

Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Innovation Strategy, Active Neighbourhoods Canada involves partners from Montreal and Calgary. Forming the Ontario team since 2013, TCAT has worked with community members in Toronto, Peterborough, Haliburton and Sudbury to re-imagine their street and neighbourhood spaces.

Each abstract was objectively reviewed and scored by an international team of cross-disciplinary and cross-sector professionals from academia, transport, public health, urban planning, economics and others. As an abstract winner, Mikey has been invited to submit a full manuscript to the Journal of Transport and Health (JTH) for consideration and possible publication.

Posted On: March 16, 2017