Sudbury: TCAT’s 4th Active Neighbourhoods Project

We are excited to announce the initiation of our fourth and final Active Neighbourhoods project for Ontario. The project, situated in Sudbury, will be a collaboration with EarthCare Sudbury and will focus on active transportation and public spaces within the Donovan neighbourhood. Donovan is a unique neighbourhood, one of Sudbury’s older neighbourhoods with a rich heritage of multiculturalism.

We will be addressing the question: “What kind of streets and public space designs could be applied in the Donovan neighbourhood to encourage active transportation and demonstrate a model active and healthy community to the rest of Greater Sudbury?” To answer this question, our project will engage local residents and stakeholders regarding their day to day travel experience. It will leverage the expertise of urban design and planning professionals to begin developing potential designs and then consolidate the designs that resonate most with local residents into a Neighbourhood Plan. In addition, it will document the participatory planning processes employed throughout the project to identify how deeper community engagement can contribute to other local planning projects.

Posted On: December 17, 2015