Studying Active Transportation Experience in Haliburton

Car Martin, TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Project Manager & Sue Shikaze, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Centre; Photo Credit: Mikey Bennington


The Active Neighbourhoods Canada Project in Haliburton, launched last fall, recently completed a series of five focus groups with targeted stakeholders regarding their travel experiences in the community. The aim of these focus groups was to get in-depth descriptions of the experience of travelling on County Road 21, as well as to pinpoint particular problem areas for cyclists and pedestrians. County Road 21 is the main focus of our study in Haliburton and is classified as a through road/main street, meaning that it needs to accommodate vehicles that are travelling along the local highway as well as the needs of pedestrians and cyclists within the community. Often these two needs are at odds.

This topic of negotiating between these competing demands is a common issue for many rural communities and is resulting in increased attention:

Posted On: January 21, 2016