Spacing: Investing in Cycling in Scarborough

You have probably noticed that there is a federal election happening, and with it a steady stream of promises and plans from all parties and announcements calling for the need for ‘infrastructure investment’.

Canada has fallen behind by $123 billion in local infrastructure, according to FCM (PDF). What is often lost in this discussion are the specific needs of particular communities.

Households without car_new

Recent research in Scarborough by the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank and TCAT shows that despite the common perception that everyone living in the suburbs owns a car, the reality is that car ownership is not homogenous, and there are distinct pockets where residents are more likely to rely on other means to get around.

Not surprisingly, some of these distinct pockets have been identified for rapid transit investment. Combining this data with walking and cycling mode share reveals both noticeable infrastructure gaps and opportunities where neighbourhood-scale/targeted investments have the potential to immediately improve the overall safety and livability of these communities.

This is an excerpt from an article published in Spacing, written by Marvin Macaraig, TCAT’s Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator. Read the full article HERE.

Posted On: September 18, 2015