Scarborough Cycles: Blazing ahead this summer

This past month has been a busy one at the Scarborough Cycles community bicycle hubs. The number of people at the DIY Bike Repair Drop-In keeps growing, making it clear that the hubs are filling a need in this community. We’ve also held community rides, hosted a bicycle maintenance workshop by Cycle Toronto and the first-ever District-Wide Cycling Advocacy Event in Scarborough, and conducted a bike parking audit along the eastern end of the Danforth.

This Saturday, Scarborough Cycles will be part of the Toronto East Bike Festival at Wheels on the Danforth. You can ride to the festival from Broadview station, or join the Scarborough Spin once you’re there!  DIY Bike Repair will also be offered.

For more information on all upcoming bike repair times, community rides and events, visit the Scarborough Cycles website.

Posted On: August 17, 2017