One Door Closes, Another Opens: Scarborough Cycles

A table with bicycle repair parts and tools, and a person holding a bike wheel
By Marvin Macaraig | Photo: Marvin Macaraig

2018 represents our third year of programming at our Scarborough Cycles Bike Hubs and the support from the community and other agencies continues to grow. So far this year we have recorded 1050+ participants across all of our programs, and residents have dedicated over 1100+ hours of volunteer time. As in previous years, our DIY Drop-In Bike Repair program remains our most popular activity at our hubs, which we believe is a strong signal that this program is addressing a critical need across Scarborough.

Scarborough Cycles Funding Update

As reported widely in the media, the provincial government announced the cancellation of its cap and trade program, which was a major source of funding for Scarborough Cycles, expanding on the Metcalf Foundation’s initial grant.

In early August, we received notice from the Ministry of the Environment, Parks and Conservation, that our funding has been terminated effective August 10, 2018.

Since this deadline has passed, Access Alliance remains committed to all of our partners and the communities we have been working with, and will continue our DIY Drop-In Bike Repair Program at AccessPoint on Danforth (every Thursday 4-7pm).

New Scarborough Cycles Bike Hub at Lawrence-Orton

Access Alliance has successfully obtained funding through the City of Toronto’s, Community Bike Hub program, and will be launching a new bike hub on October 16th in the Lawrence-Orton community in Scarborough. This new bike hub located at 3939 Lawrence Ave E. will feature a spacious updated workshop and will offer both drop-in hours, structured workshops, and group rides. Sign up to the Scarborough Cycles Newsletter for updates on upcoming events.

Posted On: September 27, 2018