Job Opportunity: Research Assistant in Health, Urban Design and AT

Images from an active transportation audit in Marlborough

Are you a graduate student interested in the interaction between health, urban design and active transportation? TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Canada partner, Sustainable Calgary, is looking for a Research Assistant to conduct a literature scan of cost-benefit analysis practices related to health, urban design and active transportation. Active Neighbourhoods Canada is a national partnership working to develop, pilot, refine, and share innovative approaches to co-designing active neighbourhoods. We work with communities to build neighbourhoods that support walking, cycling and other means of active transportation for everyone, by providing safe and welcoming urban design. For this research position, the ideal candidate will have experience that overlaps public health, urban design and active transportation, and competence in both French and English would be an asset. Candidates may be based anywhere in Canada. For more details, read the full job description.


Posted On: February 13, 2018