Green Light for Bloor Bike Lane Pilot

On May 4, 2016 Toronto City Council approved a pilot project to install separated bike lanes on a 2.6 kilometre stretch of Bloor Street between Shaw Street and Avenue Road.

In fall 2015, in anticipation that these pilot bike lanes would be approved by City Council, TCAT initiated a research study to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and potential impacts resulting from these new bike lanes. Between Oct and Dec 2015, our research team collected baseline data along the stretch of Bloor Street where the bike lanes will be installed. After the lanes are in place, our research team will go back and collect the same data to assess if there is any change on a range of indicators, including attitudes, travel and spending patterns.

This study builds on TCAT’s previous research in the Annex (2009) and Bloor West Village (2010) that studied the potential impact of bike lanes on business. With funding from the Metcalf Foundation, the Bloor Annex BIA, and the Korea Town BIA, our current study will assess the actual economic impact of bike lanes. Our research team is also seeking to understand what differences there may be in terms of support and travel behaviour in the two different neighbourhoods, and compare these results with a comparable stretch of road that will not have bike lanes.

Posted On: May 19, 2016