Flemingdon Park community-driven design intervention unveiled

On August 23rd, along with the Flemingdon Community Support Services, and the Ward 26 City Councillor Jon Burnside, TCAT unveiled a full scale mock-up of a community driven design intervention in Flemingdon Park.

This event marked the completion of the Flemingdon Park Town Centre Project where over 200 residents were engaged in discussions and design workshops around the use and development of public space. The design purpose was to create a shady resting spot with seating, and also to create a landmark with distinctive park signage. The design addresses one of the primary barriers to walking in this neighbourhood, which is the negative perception public safety. Intentional spaces for gathering allow for more ‘eyes on the street’ and increase feelings of safety.

Dr. Suzanne Jackson from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health worked with TCAT staff and volunteers to collect surveys on the impressions of the structure and the overall project. This survey data will feed into an evaluation of the participatory process that was developed out of a seed grant from the Healthy Cities and Communities Hub.

The long-term goal is for this temporary demonstration project to become a larger permanent structure. TCAT has submitted a joint application with other neighbourhood groups for infrastructure funds through the Priority Opportunity Legacy Funds II program from the City of Toronto.

Posted On: September 23, 2016