Evaluating Complete Street Transformations in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region

Announcing a new project funded by the Places to Grow Implementation Fund


TCAT, in collaboration with Dr. Raktim Mitra at Ryerson University and Dr. Paul Hess at the University of Toronto, is pleased to announce that we were recently successful in securing funding from the Places to Grow Implementation Fund to document outcomes and evidence from Complete Street transformations in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH). We are compiling key characteristics, before/after images and outcomes of 8-10 Complete Street projects in the GGH.

The final product, to be completed by March 2016, will be a visually interesting online and print resource that will document these new street designs, within the context of large and small municipalities, both rural and urban.

Our research team is currently hard at work gathering data from participating municipalities. We are still looking for 1-2 street transformations to feature. If you have information you can share with us about an implemented Complete Street project in your municipality, please get in touch with us by January 25th at info@tcat.ca.

This project builds on TCAT’s previous work: the Complete Streets Catalogue featuring Complete Streets projects in GGH 19 municipalities, and accompanying Complete Streets Evaluation Tool that identifies 21 key outcomes.

Posted On: January 21, 2016