Dandyhorse: The Great Divide Part Three: Yes, Scarborough Cycles

Cycling on Warden Ave. in Scarborough on a Complete Streets Forum mobile tour. Photo by Erica Duque

On November 30, 2015 Dandyhorse published an article written by Albert Koehl about TCAT’s Scarborough Cycles project.

“Marvin Macaraig, project coordinator for Scarborough Cycles, says that the huge Scarborough area has but one specialized bike store and one used bike store. By comparison, a person standing at Bathurst and Bloor in central Toronto can virtually throw a kiss at three bike stores. Macaraig is working on identifying potential locations and community partners for the Bike Hubs. An ideal location would be within one of the surprisingly many pockets of Scarborough with low car ownership levels, based on research by the Cycling Think & Do Tank.”

Read the full article here.

Posted On: December 1, 2015