Cycling in Scarborough: TCAT’s got you covered

TCAT’s Scarborough Cycles is on a roll! Earlier this fall, our research partners at the University of Toronto took a focused look at a whole range of factors in Scarborough to identify and map out areas with strong potential for increased cycling. Before the federal election, Project Coordinator Marvin Macaraig wrote in Spacing about the most optimal places for focused investment in cycling.

With the benefit of this research base, over the past month we’ve been visiting community organizations in  targeted Scarborough neighbourhoods. We will soon decide on the two best locations to launch bike hubs in 2016. This work was recently featured in Dandyhorse.

In addition to our work to create bike hubs, we are following closely the City’s plans for new physical infrastructure (aka bike lanes). Our most recent blog post in Spacing takes a close look at what Toronto’s new proposed bike plan has to offer Scarborough in 2016, and identifies where cycling infrastructure is most needed.

Please join us on Twitter at @ScarbCycles and follow our progress as we work together to build bike culture beyond downtown.

Posted On: December 17, 2015