Complete Streets Forum 2010

In the wake of rising concerns about pedestrian safety in Toronto and heated rhetoric about a “war on cars” that pits cyclists versus drivers, the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) is pleased to announce that the Complete Streets Forum 2010 will offer an opportunity to step back and look for real solutions that will make our city streets safer and more effective for all road users.

“The real issue is not about a conflict between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It’s about offering Torontonians transportation choice and working together to re-balance road space more equitably between all road users” say
Nancy Smith Lea, Director of Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation. “To quote an open letter to candidates that I was proud to sign, ‘We are one Toronto. We drive, we take transit, we ride and we walk. The goal of Complete Streets is to ensure that our streets are designed to safely accommodate all users.’”

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Posted On: April 22, 2010