Complete Streets at Toronto’s Board of Health

In 2013, Toronto Public Health commissioned a series of reports to identify and assess evidence for how specific street design choices influence health outcomes, assess how other jurisdictions have made Complete Streets policy choices in circumstances of limited health evidence or in cases of health trade-offs, and draw conclusions about how the information can be used to promote healthier street design in Toronto. TCAT worked on the project team, led by Urban Design 4 Health (UB4H), that prepared the reports.

At its January 19th meeting, the Board of Health adopted two recommendations based on the evidence found in the reports: 1) to incorporate the findings into the creation of the new Complete Streets Guidelines currently under development, and 2) to prioritize Complete Street projects in high need neighbourhoods. TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea made a deputation to the Board. See her deputation here.

TCAT is also pleased to announce that a paper about these reports titled “Building Health Evidence to Support Complete Streets in Toronto” co-authored by TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea, Sherry Biscope from Toronto Public Health and Larry Frank from UB4H was accepted for presentation at the TRB conference “Moving Active Transportation to Higher Ground: Opportunities for Accelerating the Assessment of Health Impacts” in Washington DC in April 2015!

More information about the Board of Health recommendations, and the full set of reports, is available via the committee’s agenda online.

Posted On: January 15, 2015