Cancer Prevention and Active Transportation: Making the Link

Last week, TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea attended a 1.5 day workshop in Montreal organized by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). The workshop convened an incredible group of professionals from multiple disciplines and jurisdictions from across Canada to discuss how to implement and evaluate evidence-informed healthy public policies and explore new sources of data to create healthier communities.

One of the inspiring keynote speakers was Dr. David Mowat, CPAC Senior Scientific Lead. Dr. Mowat reminded the participants that the majority of cancers could be eliminated if we could get rid of known risk factors, including the built environment.”To get people physically active we have to combat how we have engineered activity out of our daily lives,” he said. #HPP4HC

This is a similar message that Dr. Mowat conveyed in TCAT’s It’s Your Move video campaign featuring active transportation champions. At the time, Dr. Mowat was the Medical Officer of Health for Peel Region. The video, and the rest in the series are well worth re-visiting. Take a look!

Posted On: March 16, 2017