Burlington’s Rural Active Transportation Strategy

Before and after photos of a trail in Wellington
By Nancy Smith Lea | Photo of Wellington, from TCAT’s Active Transportation Beyond the Greenbelt report

Many Canadian cities and towns are not either urban or rural. In some cases, such as in Burlington, Ontario, they’re both.

To achieve its mission of a vibrant and sustainable city, Burlington is building an integrated, multi-modal transportation system that prioritizes sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public transit. But while the transportation goals are the same for both its urban and rural areas, the mechanisms to achieve more walking and cycling may be very different.

Over the next year, TCAT is pleased to be working to support the team led by Alta Planning+Design to develop a Rural Active Transportation Strategy for Burlington. The Strategy will focus on Burlington’s unique active transportation challenges as well as its strengths. The Bruce Trail is one of Burlington’s tremendous existing active transportation rural assets. Improving access to the Trail is one of the priorities for the Strategy.

Building on our previous experience in rural active transportation research, TCAT will contribute to the best practice review, pop-up engagement events, stakeholder workshops, and developing the plan.

Posted On: September 27, 2018