NOW: And now for something completely different, a positive cycling story

It may seem like an odd time to be writing a positive story about cycling.

BBC News recently called out Toronto for being the worst city in the world to ride a bike. Earlier this summer, a surge of pedestrian and cyclist deaths led Jennifer Keesmaat, Toronto’s former chief planner and now mayoral candidate, to call for a state of emergency. And last month Ontario’s cap and trade program, which was to fund a $225-million program for municipal commuter cycling infrastructure across the province, was abruptly cancelled.

In light of all this it’s tough to stay positive, and almost seems perverse to try. Yet if you love cycling, or even if you haven’t yet made the leap into the wonderful world of bikes, there are many reasons that have helped TCAT’s Nancy Smith Lea get back over to the sunny side of the street. Read the complete Now Magazine article

Posted On: August 21, 2018