Active Neighbourhoods Peterborough Invited to Present at City’s Public Information Meeting

TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods projects aim to consolidate local community voices about active transportation and public space issues. The goal is to inform urban designs developed by the municipality with the lived experiences of residents to better reflect local desires and needs. We are excited to announce that our local project in Peterborough’s Stewart St. Neighbourhood has been invited to share designs from the resident-led Neighbourhood Plan created in this project at the Public Information Centre (PIC) taking place today, May 19th, 2016. This PIC presents an opportunity to contribute feedback on redesigns for Bethune St. when it is reconstructed for a sewer installati.

Over the past two years, the ANC project has worked with local residents to document community assets, to create a vision of what Bethune St. could look like and to propose visionary design ideas for the future of the neighbourhood. The invitation to share these alongside professional designs created by AECOM for the City of Peterborough highlights the exciting way in which this project is contributing to deeper community engagement within formal planning processes. We believe that this project has the power to demonstrate how strong community engagement can contribute positively to innovation within planning practices. To encourage local residents that have been engaged in this project to attend the meeting, contribute input and see the fruits of their labour, the flyer above was shared in the neighbourhood.

Click here for more information on the PIC and here for more information about our Peterborough-based Active Neighbourhoods project.

Posted On: May 19, 2016