Toronto Environmental Alliance Releases Mid-Campaign Mayoral Candidate Report Card

The Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) released their Mid-Campaign Mayoral Candidate Report Card last week. The organization ranked five of the mayoral candidates based on their commitment to the following six categories:

  1. Build Transit City and Fund it;
  2. 70% Waste Diversion;
  3. Buy Local Green Products;
  4. Complete Streets;
  5. Sustainable Energy Strategy; and
  6. Provide Tools to Prevent Pollution

The scoring was based “on remarks and statements made publicly at debates, in the media and on their websites, as well as on-the-record to TEA.”

The majority of the candidates received low scores in the transportation categories. While the Report Card does not provide a ranking of candidates, the Toronto Star reports that executive director of TEA, Franz Hartmann, said “that [ranking] won’t happen until closer to the Oct. 25 civic election because he wants to encourage the hopefuls, in a positive way, to green their platforms. The full article is available here.

John Lorinc criticized the Report Card on Spacing Toronto for focusing too much on campaign statements and not enough on candidates’ performance while in office.

Posted On: July 13, 2010