TCAT Director, Nancy Smith Lea, and Complete Streets Featured in Yonge Street Media

The most recent edition of Yonge Street Media features a story featuring TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea and the 2010 Complete Streets Forum.

As Director of the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT), Nancy Smith Lea recently brought top experts from across North America to Toronto for a forum about making streets friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians. Yet her route to a career in cycling activism was surprisingly accidental. In 1989, when she and her husband first moved to Toronto, she had not used a bicycle since she was a kid. But they found driving in their new city inconvenient.

“We had a car and it was just a pain to park it and so on,” she explains. “There was a bike left in my garage that was abandoned, and so I just started using it.”

It may have been a happy accident that got her on a bike, but it was an unhappy accident that made her an activist. In 1993 she was hit while cycling by a driver who did not have insurance, and was briefly knocked unconscious despite her helmet. The accident and the difficulties of the subsequent legal process opened her eyes to just how vulnerable cyclists were on city streets.

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Posted On: May 12, 2010