Building a Toronto That Moves: Election Priorities and Survey

On June 3, 2014, TCAT, in partnership with Toronto Environmental AllianceCycle TorontoWalk Toronto and Canada Walks, released Building a Toronto that Moves, a set of 12 election priorities for walking, cycling and public transit, and launched their 2014 all-candidate municipal election transportation survey.

The groups identified 12 actions they want candidates for City Council to take to build a Toronto that moves. Based on these 12 priorities, the all-candidate survey asks 4 questions each on walking, cycling, and public transit. City of Toronto municipal candidates have been surveyed for their responses, which will be posted on the TCAT website.

“People need choices about how to move around the city,” said Dylan Reid, co-founder of Walk Toronto and one of TCAT’s co-founders. “Torontonians need to be able to switch comfortably between walking, cycling, and taking public transit, as well as driving, in all seasons and in every part of the city. By committing to these 12 actions, city politicians can start to make this vision a reality.”

TCAT was formed in the lead up to Toronto’s 2006 municipal election and worked collectively with other organizations to create an Active Transportation Platform and all-candidate survey. In 2010, TCAT reviewed the progress between 2006 and 2009, convened local groups to develop a new platform “Action 2014: Taking the Next Step” and surveyed all 2010 municipal candidates. In 2014, for the third time, TCAT has taken a non-partisan leadership role to reach consensus amongst community leaders in order to provide the general public with information about the candidates’ views on active transportation issues and about the concrete steps that can be taken to improve cycling and walking in Toronto. This is the first time that TCAT’s platform has expanded to include public transit priorities.

Posted On: June 18, 2014