TCAT’s Miniature City at 100 in 1 Day

On June 7th, our Active Neighbourhoods Canada Project Managers Car Martin and Mikey Bennington, participated in the 100 in 1 Day festival in Toronto. This citizen-driven festival unites people across the city to make it a better place through acts of urban change. These acts, or interventions, have the potential to raise awareness of urban and social issues, inspire ideas, and motivate leaders to consider new approaches to old problems.
Car and Mikey engaged community members in Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park to reconsider their streets and public space through two place-based activities. A local Jane’s Walk: Street Sense and Public Space in Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park and Miniature City: an interactive miniature model of the neighbourhood set up in collaboration with the Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space Initiative (STEPS). Seeing your neighbourhood from above is a powerful tool to encourage big picture critical thinking about the built environment. During this event, community members added their ideas in layers on top of the model and created a picture of how they move around the city, how effective their public spaces are, and what spaces are calling out for change.

Car and Mikey's work for Active Neighbourhoods Canada is greatly enhanced this summer by two amazing interns – Hannah Nogiec and Galen Pierce. Check out our team here!

Posted On: June 18, 2014