A Significant Victory for Pedestrian Safety in Black Creek!

Throughout 2013, in collaboration with Toronto Public Health, TCAT was the lead on two active transportation demonstration projects.

One of the projects took place in Black Creek, a culturally diverse suburban North York neighbourhood with high rates of chronic disease that was recently identified in Toronto’s 2014 Neighbourhood Equity Score as facing the most serious inequities requiring immediate action of 140 ranked neighbourhoods in Toronto. Neighbourhood walkability and access to healthy foods are two benchmarks considered in the ranking.

An absolutely fantastic innovative community resource in Black Creek that addresses both of these issues is the Everdale Black Creek Community Farm. Unfortunately the farm is cut off from the community a TTC stop by Jane Street, a major arterial. There have been many close calls at this location as people attempt to dash across the street. Through surveys, interview and workshops the community identified the #1 solution that would help to improve walking and cycling in the area is to install a traffic signal at the entrance to the Farm.

On May 27, 2014 TCAT made a submission to the Toronto Board of Health urging them to consider site-specific preferred interventions identified by the communities who took the time to participate to communicate their concerns. We were thrilled that the Board of Health recommended a site assessment of the Black Creek Farm and for a report on:

Toronto City Council adopted these recommendations on June 12th. A significant step forward for pedestrian safety in Black Creek!

The crosswalk was installed in 2016.

Posted On: June 18, 2014