Video Release: It’s Your Move Active Transportation Champion Susan Eng

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) releases today its 3rd video from the It's Your Move series, featuring Susan Eng, Vice President of Advocacy at CARP.

“The momentum behind It’s Your Move continues to build as even more calls for investment in public transit and active transportation mount,” says TCAT’s Director, Nancy Smith Lea. Smith Lea joins a coalition of community leaders today who are making an urgent call for action for new transportation funding.

Yesterday, Toronto's Board of Health adopted several recommendations to reduce the burden of illness resulting from air pollution. One of these recommendations included the need for the Premier of Ontario “to urgently allocate funding to support further investment in municipal transit and active transportation infrastructure to reduce air pollution emissions in Toronto and the GTHA.”

TCAT released the following statement about the Board of Health report: “TCAT fully supports the Medical Officer of Health’s recommendation to urgently fund active transportation infrastructure, and to include active transportation at the early stages of The Big Move infrastructure projects in order to ensure that this critical infrastructure that improves the safety or our most vulnerable road users – cyclists and pedestrians – actually gets built.”

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Susan Eng from TCAT on /susanengvideo

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It’s Your Move!

Posted On: April 28, 2014